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Who doesn’t dream of leaving the world behind sometimes and having everything you need in your vehicle? To have the freedom to take off at any time to hit the road and go on an adventure? We definitely do.

For this reason, our team is passionate about fitting out your ute with a camping canopy setup. We design all our 4WD canopy setups to match our customer needs and wishes. Whatever 4×4 you would like to adapt, no matter what size of canopy you want, we will work closely with you to make your dream design a reality.

We have years of experience in building and fitting systems that are practical, high-quality and efficiently use the space you would like us to work with. We offer a drive in and drive out package and take care of all installations for you in one place!

What types are there for 4×4 canopy setups?

There is a wide range of options for canopies for each vehicle model. We can work with single cab, super-cab, dual-cab and tray or pick-up utes. Different types of materials such as aluminium, canvas, ABS plastic, fibreglass, or steel can be part of your new canopy setup.

All canopies usually have a roof, walls, a door, and windows – but all the other options can be completely customised to meet your needs. Especially in terms of storage, lighting, and overall functionality, the choice will be yours – and we can be as much or as little creative as you like.

When considering your options, we will make sure to consider your safety. One point we pay high attention to is the overall weight and length of your solution. Choosing the right base and materials for your preferred option is important to ensure that your 4WD is not overweight or incorrectly balanced.

Our team also endeavours that our 4WD canopy setup keeps your gear secure and weatherproof. Camping and 4×4 gear is not cheap, hence, it is even more important for us to make high-quality material choices to keep your property safe.

What elements are part of a 4WD canopy setup?

As already mentioned, we can consider many of your wishes and requirements when fitting out your canopy.

It can include items such as:

  • Storage systems including drawer and shelving systems or toolboxes
  • Dual battery setup including solar for electricity when vehicle is stationary
  • Inverter for 240V power
  • Work/Tradie fit-outs
  • Slide-out kitchen and fridge systems
  • Roof racks, rooftop tent and awning setup
  • Central locking
  • Climate control
  • Soft-close windows
  • Water pumps and Tanks
  • UHF, WIFI and Signal Booster systems
  • Compressors
  • Battery monitoring systems
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Digital Switching Systems
  • Vehicle Colour Matching

4WD Ute canopy accessories

You can choose as many accessories as you like for your 4WD Ute canopy as long as we can make it work considering weight limits and pocket depth.

Our team will also assist you with the interior and exterior light setup and the electrical system fit-out of your choice. Lights inside the canopy are usually well worth it. You can also consider lights on the inside of the doors, having work lights and/or reverse lights off the back of the canopy. We take care of all LED light, light bar and spotlight installation for you.

If you would like to stream you favourite Netflix movies while on your trip, we can even install a WIFI system. We can complement it all with a battery monitoring system to ensure that you keep track on your power usage.

Camping Canopy Setups on the Gold Coast

If you want to get your new or used 4WD fitted with a custom-made camping canopy setup, our ProSpark Auto Electrical team is here to make your adventure dream become a reality. Our workshop is conveniently located at 4/9 Davo Court in Burleigh Heads.

To get started with your canopy setup, you can simply come in with your vehicle to see us or contact us here. Alternatively, you can reach us via phone call on 07 5620 4999 and we will be able to help you with all your canopy questions.

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