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If you love your car as much as we do, you are probably also worried about its security. Car alarm systems are a common aftermarket upgrade to keep your vehicle and belongings more secure.

These systems protect your car but can also be installed for trucks, caravans or even boats. The key function is to increase security against theft through all entry protection. This includes hot wiring and volt drop detection.

Where to install car alarm system

In general, car alarms usually alert people through a loud siren if anyone tries to break into a vehicle. Modern and advanced systems now also send alerts to your mobile instead of ringing the alarm. You can then track the location of your vehicle via GPS on your phone.

The installation of a car alarm system involves integrating it into the wiring of your vehicle’s electrical system. Our team ensures that this complicated process gets done correctly.

Many systems also come with a car immobiliser feature. This technology integrates into your vehicle’s electrical system. If the sensors pick up on a break-in, the immobiliser stops separate points in the vehicle from working which blocks it from moving.

Usually, the higher-quality systems have an integrated keyless entry feature and trunk release. This makes life a lot easier when you get to your car with your hands full. The remotes usually also allow you to arm your car at a distance and receive alarm system notifications.

If you choose a wireless alarm, you should ensure that it includes encryption. This keeps your vehicle safe from hackers who manipulate the signal from your key fob to unlock it.

Another potential add-on feature you may consider is remote starting. Some car alarms include this option in their system. That way, you can warm up your car on cold mornings before you even get into it.

When choosing your car alarm system, you should also consider its range. You want to ensure that it suits your purposes and that it can arm itself from at least 300 metres distance. Some wireless systems with mobile phone access even allow you to arm it from wherever you are.

Car alarm systems installation price

The prices for car alarm systems vary depending on the features you choose. The lower-end range starts from $450 and for a higher end system you can expect to pay approximately $1,100.

We frequently install Mongoose Systems for our clients. Another very common system brand is Viper.

Generally, our supply and car alarm system installation cost starts from $699.

Car alarm system installations Gold Coast

A ProSpark Auto Electrical, we supply and install high-quality alarm systems to give you peace of mind. Contact our team via phone on 07 5620 4999 or online via website enquiry to discuss how we can improve your vehicle’s security.

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