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Aftermarket ECU and software upgrades are a popular performance upgrade choice for higher engine output and engine upgrades. We get a lot of questions from our customers about what the best aftermarket ECU is. Our team has explained for you what to consider when choosing your ECU upgrade.

Aftermarket upgrades

The feeling of owning a new car is great by itself. However, it gets even better when thinking about all the potential aftermarket performance upgrades.

There are so many possibilities including:

  • Electronic fuel injection (EFI) installations
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Brake upgrades
  • Intake system upgrades
  • Exhaust upgrades

One key component if you have done some of the upgrades above already is to upgrade your Engine Control Unit to increase your vehicle’s performance.

ECU upgrades

The ECU, sometimes also called engine management system (EMS) or engine control module (ECM), monitors and controls the operation and performance of your engine. It is a small electronic box that manages sensor inputs, auxiliary outputs, fuel injection, and ignition of your engine. To do so, the ECU calculates the correct input amounts relying on its digitally stored equations and numeric tables that can be completely customised.

Several variables such as the temperature of engine and fuel, the fuel quality and pressure, the engine demand and air pressure can influence the mixture ratio the ECU has to determine.

If one variable changes, the ECU calculates the change for other components to maintain the engine efficiency. The ECU keeps track of the inputs, processes these, creates the output in form of engine action and stores the data.

These functions allow the ECU to also pick up on faults in the engine system. If a sensor malfunctions or performs outside of its tolerance range for a period of time, the ECU registers this. It creates and stores a fault code in the system.

This fault code can then be evaluated by our ProSpark team when accessing the fault codes from the ECU memory. Usually, fault codes consist of 5 digits and begin with a letter followed by four numbers.

Vehicle upgrades & ECU

If you have added upgrades to your vehicle, one option is to custom reprogram your stock ECU. This is to inform the ECU of all modifications that have been added. We therefore then reprogram it with a more optimised data table to match these upgrades. There are several Factory ECU software programs that can allow your stock ECU to become completely tuneable.

In general, most factory ECUs only allow a small amount or no alterations to the original settings at all. Many aftermarket features such as fitting a turbo or cams won’t be supported by those ECUs either. To control your added features and optimise your engine’s performance, you will require an aftermarket ECU.

Aftermarket ECUs allow us to use to full potential of your engine and your other added features so that you can make the most of your vehicle.

Usually, aftermarket ECUs give you the possibility to:

  • Adjust fuelling
  • Adjust ignition timing
  • Increase engine reliability
  • Add new features such as launch and traction control and safety features
  • Make other adjustments

Best ECU Upgrades

We usually recommend Haltech, LINK, Emtron, Motec and FuelTech for ECU upgrades. Visit our online shop to view our wide range of LINK ECUs.

Aftermarket ECU upgrades Gold Coast

Our team is here for you if you are looking into upgrading your ECU or for advice on aftermarket ECU upgrades. We can assist you in choosing what is suitable for your vehicle and performance goals.

ProSpark Auto Electrical also offers a variety of other performance upgrades. Contact us today via website enquiry or give us a call on 0432 579 906 to optimise your vehicle’s performance.


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