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It can be a dreadful feeling when the engine light comes on or your car doesn’t sound as it usually would. Nowadays, most modern cars come with a series of technologically controlled features such as automatic transmission, ignition systems, and electronic fuel injection systems (EFIs).

Computers (ECU) control all of these features and send data from sensors throughout the car to the system. When the warning light turns on, this usually means that one of the sensors has detected a problem and notifies you that something is wrong.

How does a vehicle diagnostics test work?

During a vehicle or engine diagnostics test, we use specialist software and diagnostics tools. These plug into your vehicle’s onboard computer. The tools communicate with the computer and return diagnostic codes. These codes vary for vehicles from different manufacturers.

Our team then cross references the error codes and can determine the component or parameter that has the issue. This saves us time as we can identify the correct error location without pulling apart all the components of your vehicle. The test also shows us how long the error has been there for or how many times it has occurred.

After identifying the issue, we can give you an update on the extend of the problem and a quote to resolve the error.

Error codes, however, don’t give us the exact cause of the problem or any further details. For this reason, we rely on our year-long experience to narrow down and fix the underlying cause of the issue.

What is a vehicle diagnostics test used for?

ProSpark Auto Electrical uses vehicle diagnostics test to check a variety of components of your vehicle. This includes the brakes, body control, engine, and transmission. If we can pick these problems up in early stages, it usually saves you from expensive repairs later.

We recommend conducting diagnostics test for your vehicle on a regular basis, even if there is no obvious problem. You should also consider doing a diagnostics test if you are buying a used car before committing to the purchase.

It can also help to identify any performance issues with parts such as:

  • Airflow
  • EFI system
  • Ignition system
  • Throttle
  • Exhaust

Our team can then give you recommendations on what we can do to solve any underlying performance issues.

How long does an engine diagnostics test take?

Depending on your vehicle, an engine diagnostic test usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. The test itself will only take several minutes. However, after we have pulled the diagnostic trouble codes, we then have to investigate which components show the malfunctions. It may take us some time to identify the underlying causes for the issue.

How much does a vehicle diagnostics test cost?

The vehicle diagnostics test costs depend on your type of vehicle and usually start from $77 including GST. This is for the test itself. Once we have identified the issue, our ProSpark Auto Electrical team will give you a quote for any repairs that might be necessary to resolve the problem.

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