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When it comes to vehicles, fuel injection is the process of injecting fuel via an injector into an automotive engine. There are several systems with differences in functionality and injection types. Our team has explained what you need to know about a fuel injection system and fuel injection diagnostics. Get an understanding of how it works and what options you have to upgrade to modern electronic fuel injection.

Electronic fuel injection

Until around the 1990s, carburetors were responsible to supply air and fuel to engines. Nowadays, electronic fuel injection options have mainly taken over.

A carburetor relies on the suction of air through its narrow part (venturi tube) by creating an intake vacuum and pressure drop. That way, it draws the fuel into the airstream, mixes fuel and air which then travels though the intake manifold to the cylinders. The drawbacks of carburetors are that:

  • Air and fuel mixture can separate on the way to the cylinders
  • Uneven fuel distribution between cylinders can occur
  • Intake manifold is wet and can that can cause issues when you start a cold engine
  • They are harder to tune for peak performance and fuel economy

Electronic fuel injection, however, uses pressure to spray the fuel directly into the engine. Advantages of this system are increased efficiency and power of the engine. You can differentiate between three key systems including Sequential Injection, Multiport Fuel Injection and Direct Fuel Injection.

What are symptoms of an EFI problem?

Typical indicators that there is a problem with your EFI system are:

  • Smell of fuel in the vehicle
  • Problems starting the vehicle
  • Frequent stalling
  • Idling roughly
  • Illuminated engine check light

At ProSpark Auto Electrical, we inspect your EFI in these cases to ensure that we can solve any potential problem.

Electronic fuel injection diagnostics

When you bring your vehicle in to us with a drivability issue, we can check the system and its parameters. The system can self-diagnose faults which we can pick up with our diagnostic equipment. Afterwards, we can then interpret the error code and fix the issue.

Faulty sensors are also often one of the main causes that the ECU is given incorrect information and returns an error. We check all aspects of the system including ignition system, intake and compression, fuel filter and injectors, these all play a part for smooth engine running, performance and efficiency.

Electronic fuel injection Burleigh Heads

If you have any questions or a problem with your electronic fuel injection system, contact our team online today or call 07 5620 4999. Our team will also be able to assist you if you are looking into upgrading your EFI system and give you advice on which system is suitable for your vehicle.


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