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Have you ever searched your whole car for your sunglasses? Many of us have – and that is one of many reasons why roof consoles enjoy increasing popularity amongst Australians.

An overhead roof console can be the home for your UHF radio, sunglasses, garage remote and other items. Many consoles even come with storage drawers or compartments.

We offer roof console installation packages in our online shop and even integrate different types of UHF radios for you.

What types of roof consoles exist?

There is a wide range of roof consoles to suit different vehicle makes and models. Not all roof consoles can be used in each vehicle. They are most frequently used in outback 4WDs. Roof consoles are also very handy if your vehicle only has little cabin storage space.

Usually, the consoles offer a radio inset and microphone cable holder so that you can always easily locate your UHF radio. It is a safe spot and the speaker holes on the console allow to cater to the existing roof microphone.

Another feature of consoles are extra LED lights. These can function in the same way as your front interior lights when you open the doors. Additionally, you can use them as reading lights.

The roof consoles featured in the images above are from 4WD Interiors and show the setups of 79 Series Landcruiser single cab, 76 Series Wagon and Hilux Dual Cab.

Roof console installation

As your roof console requires wiring, our team is well-experienced in seamlessly integrating your new feature into your vehicle’s interior.

You can either bring your own roof console to us for installation or we can supply it to you as a package deal including console and installation.

Most common roof console suppliers include LED Lighting, additional compartments and UHF mounts. When choosing your roof console, ensure that it is suitable for your vehicle and fulfils the requirements that you want to use it for.

Here are some additional things you should consider when choosing your roof console:

  • Check the size of the space it provides for the UHF radio
  • If you want to use your vehicle off-road, ensure that the console is robust enough
  • Steel and hardwood are preferrable over plastic when it comes to durability
  • Check if the compartments are customisable so that they suit your needs
  • Ensure that the size of the console won’t interfere with the headroom of driver or passenger
  • Optical fit that matches your car and that you enjoy

Depending on your vehicle type, console and the accessories you have chosen, the installation usually takes between one to three hours.

How much does a roof console cost?

The cost for a roof console varies depending on brand, material, and features. Cheaper roof console options start from $495. Custom-made options can be more expensive. We offer roof console installation packages in our online shop and even integrate different types of UHF radios for you.

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Our ProSpark team is here to assist you in choosing and installing a suitable roof console for your vehicle. To find out more about our roof console and installation package deals, contact us online 24/7 or give us a call on 07 5620 4999 today.

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