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Owning a 4×4 gives you access to a new set of opportunities, especially when it comes to 4WD performance upgrades. There is a wide range of modifications and accessories that you may consider for your vehicle.

Our team has put together a list of accessories and 4WD upgrade packages and explained how you can get them quickly and conveniently custom-fitted. They include a wide range of additions including bull bars, suspension lift kits, roof racks, snorkels, and canopy installation.

4WD suspension upgrade

If you are interested in equipping your 4×4 with more power and control for your off-road adventures, then you might want to consider a suspension lift kit. They also allow you to fit bigger and tougher tyres with a greater clearance on your 4WD.

The key component of the kit are the shock absorbers which will allow you to increase driving comfort on and off the road. When choosing suspension lift kits, it is also important to consider the legal maximum height for your vehicle.

Other benefits of suspension lift kits include:

  • Improved stability when towing or transporting heavy load
  • Increased comfort on- and off-road
  • Greater driving control

Our team will assist you to find the right solution for your 4WD requirements and your driving preference. We offer a wide range of suspension lift kits including PSR (Performance Suspension racing) kits, Bilstein and Dobinsons to cater for all budgets. The lift kit and installation prices generally start from $2200 and depend on type of lift kit and your 4×4.

Bull bars

Bull bars are a common choice of accessory as they help protecting the front of your 4WD and give you a space to attach other accessories such as lights and winches.

The frontal protection is beneficial when driving on remote roads with higher risk of animal strikes but also give you vehicle collision protection.

A wide range of manufacturers and designs allow you to find a bull bar that matches the appearance of your 4wd. We can provide you with bull bars from PSR, Muzz Bar, ARB, TJM and many more and can install these for you. The pricing for the bull bar and install ranges depending on the quality and brand of bull bar you choose.

Side steps

Side steps and rails are a feature that can add an extra layer of protection to the body of your 4WD. They also assist you when getting in and out of your vehicle and to get access to your roof top.

Both side steps and rails come in various materials, sizes, and shapes. For our customers, we offer rock sliders and side steps from OCAM, ARB and Rock Armour. The install usually takes between 2-3 hours depending on vehicle.

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Canopy and Ute tray installation

For the perfect use of your 4WD, you may want to add a canopy or customise your ute tray. Our team installs pre-built canopies and Ute trays including custom features.

The most important thing when choosing a canopy or tray setup is to ensure that it suits your way of using the vehicle. Planning your initial setup wisely will save you time and money down the track. Our team is very experienced with canopy fit outs and here to guide you.

Some decisions you will have to consider from a technical side are the base for your canopy and the material for your option. When choosing these, you should keep factors such as:

  • Weight
  • Size including height, width, overhang and length
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Durability and quality
  • Abilities and modification options
  • Price

If you already have a canopy, you might want to fit some internal accessories. Our most common options include fridge slides, drawer systems, pantries, and other storage solutions.

Roof racks

Roof racks are an essential when going travelling or camping for additional storage space. No matter if you are considering taking bikes, kayaks, surfboards or even a rooftop tent, roof racks are a must to make the transport safe. Most common brands for rock racks are Rhino Rack, Yakima, ARB, Thule and Tracklander.

You can choose from several types of roof racks which include:

  • Roof bars
  • Baskets
  • Half- or full-length cages

The material for roof racks can vary as well. There are steel and aluminium options and sometimes plastic componentry. Whilst steel is cheaper, it is also heavier and may leaves rust spots on your roof. When choosing a material, it is important to consider how heavy the load is that you want to transport and the weight allowance for each option.

We can also attach lighting solutions such as spotlights or LED light bars, awnings, or solar panels to your roof racks.

Our most common choice of roof racks is Rhino Rack. Prices for Rhino Rack including installation start from $1,999 installed.

Exhaust systems

An upgraded exhaust system can improve your vehicle’s sound, power, and efficiency. The extra performance you get after upgrading is one of the key reasons our clients decide to upgrade.

However, loud does not equal better. Good quality exhaust systems change the sound of the exhaust because it adds a larger diameter, high flow muffler and catalytic converters. This all leads to higher performance and efficiency but does not always make more noise.

When deciding for an exhaust system, you should consider several influence factors such as materials, warranties, model suitability, configurations, and sound profiles.

At ProSpark, many of our clients opt for X force systems. The installation usually takes between 2-3 hours.

Snorkels and intake systems

Adding a snorkel can be part of your exhaust system upgrade. Snorkels are used to replace stale with fresh air in the engine. This protects your 4WD from oil build-up and may prevent fuel inefficiencies. The diameter exhaust of snorkels varies. A larger diameter enables more airflow to the engine.

In general, a snorkel allows the engine to intake air from roof height instead of from under the bonnet. This can be helpful when you drive through water but also gives your engine access to cleaner (less dust) and cooler air which increases engine performance.

Prices for snorkels including the fitting vary depending on the snorkel manufacturer you choose. Generally, a higher-quality vehicle specific snorkel will cost at least $350.00. The installation usually takes between 2 to 4 hours.

Catch cans and pre-filters

Some 4×4 turbo diesels come with a catch can as they play an important role for the motor. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, you might want to consider fitting one to improve the longevity of your 4WD.

A catch can has the task to separate the mixture of oil, fuel and water from the air that escapes from your motor into the crankcase before it can re-enter the positive crankcase ventilation line (PVC). By catching the fluid and mist, it cleans their air intake that flows back into the motor from the sticky, black residues. This prevents a loss in power and fuel economy.

Pre-filters protect your diesel engine against water and particle contamination. They are plumbed before the factory filter and effectively remove larger particles and water from contaminated fuel.

We fit both catch cans and pre-filters for your 4WDs. Depending on your type of vehicle, we can complete these jobs within 3 to 4 hours.

4×4 upgrade packages Gold Coast

If you want to upgrade your 4×4 with performance packages, our experienced team is here to assist you to get you fitted out. For all 4WD upgrades, contact us via website enquiry or give us a call on 07 5620 4999 today.

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