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If you want to use your vehicle to transport larger loads, boats, jet skis, bikes, trailers, or caravans, a tow bar is the key feature you require. Tow bar installations are a very common aftermarket upgrade. Our team has explained everything you need to know before getting a tow bar fitted.

Tow bar fitting

In the first step of choosing a tow bar, you should consider what exactly you need the tow bar for and how heavy the loads will be you want to use it for.

Once you have determined this, our ProSpark Auto Electrical team can assist you to find a suitable tow bar solution for your vehicle make and model. Every vehicle is different and may require a different tow bar design.

Your vehicle also has a maximum towing capacity which you will have to consider. The trailer, caravan or towing object you choose must not exceed that weight. Tow bars also have a varying maximum towing capacity. Overall, all these requirements influence the accessories you may want to consider.

Tow bar installation accessories

Depending on the loads you want to tow, the additional weight will influence the handling of your vehicle in general. Adding a trailer may reduce your steering and braking capability. For this reason, it is very important that we check the weight distribution of your carrying solution to ensure that you can safely steer and brake.

Features such as weight distribution and sway control systems can make your towing experience safer.

We install weight distribution systems if your vehicle sags in the rear when towing. As it evenly distributes the towing weight over the axles of the vehicle and your trailer, it increases your overall steering and brake control.

If your towing load exceeds 750kg, you will require a brake controller. Our team will be able to give you detailed advice on this feature as well.

A trailer stability control system is an additional feature that complements that weight distribution system. It reduces and inhibits movements at the pivot point in between the trailer and tow bar of your vehicle.

Vehicles towing with automatic transmissions should also consider correct cooling when towing as they are under constant load. This can cause premature transmission damage. We can assist with this by adding aftermarket transmission coolers to suit every vehicle. This keeps the temperature down and prolongs the life of your transmission.

Tow bar fitting cost

Our ProSpark Auto Electrical team can take care of your tow bar supply and fit. The tow bar installation usually takes between 2 to 3 hours for most vehicles.

The cost of fitting a tow bar vary depending on the load you want to tow, your vehicle type, and accessories you may require.

We offer a wide range of tow bars including Tag and Hayman Reese, in General our tow bar fitting cost with wiring starts at $799.

Detachable tow bar options

If you are looking for detachable tow bar solutions, you might want to consider a swan neck towbar or a detachable flange towbar. Bear in mind that these options are usually more costly than fixed tow bars and not suitable for very heavy loads.

Detachable tow bar supply and installations start from $999.

Removing tow bars

Our ProSpark team can also assist you in removing tow bars. If you have bought a car and want to remove its tow bar, we can take care of the safe removal and rewiring of your lights.

Tow bar installation Gold Coast

If you are looking for local tow bar fitters, ProSpark Auto Electrical is here to assist you finding the right solution. Give our team a call today on 07 5620 4999 or contact us via website enquiry to receive your tow bar fitting quote.


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