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Are you regularly driving longer distances on the highway? If you answer this question with a yes, you might have considered cruise control before.

Cruise control is a technical feature that allows you to use buttons on your steering wheel to set a certain speed. Your vehicle then automatically maintains that speed, and you can take the foot of the accelerator. This does not only allow you to relax a bit more on longer drives but it also avoids unintentional speeding.

Can you have cruise control installed?

Most new vehicles come with a factory in-build cruise control option. But can cruise control be installed in a car that you already have?

Our team takes care of supply and install of aftermarket cruise control systems for older vehicles. Generally, we distinguish three operating systems of command cruise control including vacuum actuator, electric controlled actuator, and drive-by-wire types.

Vacuum Actuator Systems

This type is an option for older diesel, petrol, and turbo vehicles without electronic speed signal. The system uses the existing vacuum system to control the speed of the vehicle. It regulates the speed by constantly picking up the current speed through the vehicle’s speed sensors or the tail shaft magnets. These systems usually start at an affordable price and have a compact sizing.

Electric Controlled Actuator Systems

Electric controlled actuator systems work for all vehicles with a throttle cable. Similar to vacuum actuator systems, they also have their own throttle cable which connects to the existing throttle cable of your vehicle. This then allows the cruise control system to control the throttle response.

Drive-By-Wire Systems

Drive-by-wire cruise control systems work for vehicles with an electronic throttle control without a physical throttle cable. In most modern cars, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) manipulates the throttle to maintain your desired speed. It receives data from the speed sensors electronically. This makes this cruise control option very reliable.

Any electronic problem, however, can cause your cruise control to malfunction. Our experienced auto electricians can take a closer look at your vehicle if your cruise control has stopped working.

Where can mount your cruise control switches?

We can integrate the new switches of your aftermarket cruise control system in a few different places in your vehicle. Possible places include:

  • Steering wheel mounted switches
  • Paddle switches attached to the side of your steering wheel comparable to your indicators
  • Dash mounted switches

How much does it cost to install cruise control?

The costs for the cruise control system and install depend on several factors. This includes:

  • Type of vehicle you have
  • Cruise control systems available for the make of your vehicle
  • Your cruise control system choice
  • The current condition and wiring of your vehicle

Our team most commonly installs cruise control systems from $899 . The installation usually takes us between 2 and 4 hours.

Cruise control installations Gold Coast

If you would like to add an aftermarket cruise control system to your vehicle, ProSpark Auto Electrical is here to support you to find the best solution for your needs. Give our auto electrician team a call on 07 5620 4999. Alternatively, you can contact us via website enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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