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Trailers and caravans are great additions to your vehicle if you want to be independent and travel around. However, when towing more than 751kg, you will find that you require an electric brake controller.

Most trailers and caravans usually come with electric brakes and own braking system, but you will need a controller to activate them and hereby follow the road rules and ensure your towing safety.

But where to install electric brake controller? Our team of ProSpark Auto Electrical has explained everything you need to know about electric brake controller installs.

When do I need an electric brake controller?

Installing a brake controller is necessary when you are towing more than 751kg. If you don’t tow more than 2,000kg of loaded weight, you will only require braking on both wheels on at least one axle. If your load is heavier than 2,000kg, you will require braking on all wheels.

Trailers and caravans count as non-motorised vehicles. Hence, they only need the brakes to activate when they are towed by a motorised vehicle.

How does an electric brake controller work?

Our team will install the electric brake controller under your vehicle’s dashboard on the driver’s side and connect it to the brakes on your trailer or caravan. The controller will detect when you are braking. With the electric controller, you will be able to adjust the brake power that you would like to apply to the trailer.

There are three types of electric brake controllers including time-activated, proportional and wireless system.

A time-activated controller automatically sends power to your trailer’s brakes at a pre-set intensity rate when you press the brakes in your vehicle. You can determine that programmed amount prior to driving but there is always a slight delay in braking. The pre-set brake intensity mainly is determined by how much weight you are towing.

A proportional controller copies the intensity you brake your vehicle with over to the trailer brakes. It therefore automatically senses when your vehicle slows down and stops and copies this for your trailer or caravan.

The wireless system does not need any additional wiring and can be swapped with ease between vehicles.

At ProSpark Auto Electrical, our team installs predominantly the REDARC Tow Pro Elite V3 system. It is a proportional system and is the most user-friendly. Additionally, it is very compact which allows the install in a variety of locations.

Electric brake controller installation cost

The cost of brake controller installs vary depending on your prerequisites such as your vehicle, your trailer or caravan and the weight you are towing. The supply and installation of the REDARC Tow Pro Elite V3 system starts from $649.

We also offer package prices for towbars and electric brake controller installations.

Electric brake controller installation Gold Coast

Does your vehicle require an electric brake controller to tow your trailer or caravan? To keep your vehicle safe and within the road rules is our team’s top priority. Contact our experienced ProSpark Auto Electrical staff today on 07 5620 4999. Alternatively, you can send us a contact enquiry about bake controller installs online.

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