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The lighting setup for your vehicle is one of the key factors when it comes to clear view on the roads. There are many ways to add, modify, or complement your lights. Our team has put together the most common lighting options and how much the different lighting setups cost when we install them for you.

4×4 lights setup

Extra lighting for your 4WD can offer large benefits. It does not only ensure that you can easier navigate in the dark but it can also be beneficial when you are touring or working.

The most common additions for 4x4s are:

  • Driving lights
  • Tail & tray lights
  • Canopy and awning lights
  • Work lights

We will explain all different types in more detail below.

4WD driving lights

One of the most common additions to a 4WD are driving lights. 4x4s come with a standard of factory driving lights, however, the industry has developed more advanced and improved options. These are mainly developed to give you a better vision once the sun sets similar to the vision during daytime.

Driving lights usually can be differentiated by type and globe option.

The most common types are spotlights and light bars. When considering globe options, the variety includes Halogen, High-Intensity Discharge (HID), or LED.

Our team mounts your light option for you to ensure that you comply with the road rules of your state.

Spotlight 4wd

A spotlight is a round light that has a high focus beam which can light up a spot even in a far distance. Spotlights come in the full variety of globe options mentioned above. There are a number of places where we can mount your spotlight and can assist you to choose the location that is best for your purpose. Most common mounting places are the bull bar, sports bar, or on the roof of your vehicle.

4×4 light bar

4wd light bars are mostly LED light bars. The light bar is long and narrow and usually offers multiple beam pattern options in one light. However, you won’t get the same distance light reach out of a light bar as you get out of spotlights. A LED light bar can be mounted in the bull bar (not all lights fit), under the bull bar hoop, on the roof, or in the bumper.

LED driving lights are the most common choice but our team can assist you with whatever lights work best for your situation.

How much do 4×4 driving lights cost?

The cost for driving lights highly depends on the quality of lights you wish you to install and the installation location. We provide a variety of options for you starting from $199.

Ute tail lights & Ute tray lights

If you require tail lights for your trailer or Ute, there are several LED options to choose from. Most popular is our LED tail lights Ute tray option. We also offer custom Ute tail lights.

Tail lights can also be high mounted for better visibility from the distance.

4×4 canopy lights

Another popular light addition are custom lights for your 4×4 canopy. We can conveniently hard wire your LED camping lights into your Ute or 4WD. Possible options are light bars or light strips which both require little power and are great from lighting up areas. If you would like to vary in the brightness of your canopy lights, we can also provide you with a dimmer.

You can also get custom lighting solutions for your awning, rooftop tent, or gazebo.

How much do 4×4 canopy lights cost?

The price for 4×4 or Ute canopy light solutions varies depending on quality and quantity of lights and the installation location. Starting price for the simplest option is $99.

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