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A dual battery system has long become a must accessory if you are planning off-road for a 4×4 camping trip. It is one of the first things our clients usually look at when upgrading their new dual cab 4WDs.

The 4×4 dual battery setup serves as source for auxiliary power and ensures that both your 4WD and campsite have a consistent power supply. It is designed so that you can use the original battery to start your vehicle. The second battery then provides the power for your camp accessories. This can include items such as 12V portable fridges, lights, inverters, and phone chargers.

Whilst you are using your starter battery purely for that purpose, your second battery is a separate, isolated system.

But how does the 4wd dual battery system work? We have broken down our steps of installation, costs, and alternatives for you.

Installing 4×4 Dual Battery System Process

Many of our clients want to know how we install the dual battery systems for 4WDs. At ProSpark, we take care of sourcing and fitting the additional second battery including an in-vehicle battery charger for you. Instead of charging solely via the alternator like it was the case for traditional second battery setups in 4x4s with fixed voltage alternators, the DC-to-DC battery charger is a more independent option.

There are several ways for auxiliary batteries to be wired into a vehicle. The best place for the install of the second battery depends on the type of your 4WD. In some Utes, we can install it behind the rear passenger seat or under the tray, for others an install on the tray or inside the tub are a better option. We then mount the solar input connector either in the rear of the tub, in the boot, or under the bonnet for easy access.

4wd dual battery setup

4WD Dual Battery System Cost

At ProSpark Auto Electrical, we supply and install high temperature gel deep-cycle batteries in either a 110- or 150-AH. Both options come with a 2-year warranty. We use deep-cycle batteries because they are constructed to be repeatedly recharged and discharged without damaging or shortening their lifespan.

To charge your 12-volt auxiliary battery, we install REDARC DC-DC battery chargers in 25- or 40-Amp output with the ability to accept solar as a power source for our clients. REDARC is an Australian manufacturer that provides all the electronic components for a dual battery setup system.

The DC-DC charger works in a similar way to battery chargers that you have at home but instead of plugging into the wall, they plug into the vehicle’s wiring. It then boosts the charge to the second battery. The fully integrated MPPT Solar regulator allows to use the maximum amount of power from solar panels to charge your second battery.

We have found this to be the best dual battery system for 4WD because  of the reliability and functionality. In addition, they are fully sealed and heat-rated. For this reason, they can be mounted under a bonnet.

Our team will also provide you with the USB and accessory socket for charging phones, lighting, and other items within the setup. It also includes an Anderson plug connection for your fridge. The 4×4 dual battery installation costs for your full supply and installation at ProSpark Auto Electrical including the deep-cycle battery and DC-DC battery charger start at $2300.00 incl. GST.

Dual Battery Accessories

What if you would like extra lighting, outlets or other features? Our team is skilled and experienced to tailor the installation exactly to your needs and 4×4 requirements. Additions can range from interior or camping light extras to a full Ute canopy camping setup.

Dual Battery Installation on the Gold Coast

If you want to upgrade your 4WD with a dual battery, our ProSpark team is here to support you. Conveniently located at 4/9 Davo Court in Burleigh Heads, you can simply come in with your vehicle to see us or contact us here. Alternatively, you can reach us via phone call on 07 5620 4999. We will be able to assist you with all your 4×4 dual battery system installations.

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