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Do you remember the days when you had to stretch, twist, turn, and worry when trying to manage reversing your car using the rear-view mirrors? Nowadays, this seems to be much easier as most new vehicles come with a reversing camera and monitor. Reversing cameras are a helpful tool to enable us to check blind spots when being in reverse gear. They make parking in narrow spots much easier and provide additional safety when reversing.

However, if you have an older vehicle or it did not come with a reverse camera kit, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the helpful feature.

Types of reverse cameras

A reversing camera kit usually includes a camera that we attach to the rear of the car and a monitor for your dashboard. When you are in reverse gear, the monitor screen powers up and displays the camera’s vision.

The sets can differ in various ways ranging from:

  • Camera positioning
  • Quality of camera and monitor
  • Monitor size and positioning
  • Wired or wireless camera sets

The camera usually gets attached to the bumper bar or licence plate. However, they can also sit in the back window or clip onto the mirror. No matter what kit you choose, they all require a hard wire installation to the reversing lights. That way, the camera senses when the car is put into reverse and activates the rear view displayed on your screen.

When it comes to quality, pay attention to the angle, lens and picture resolution of the camera. For the monitor, sizing and the place where you want to get it installed are crucial decision-making points.

In addition, camera sets come in wired or wireless versions. In wired kits, the camera and the monitor connect via cable connection from the front to the back of your vehicle.

Our most commonly supplied reverse camera kits include camera, monitor, either dash mount or rear-view mirror mount and wiring harness to suit. Our most common brands are Axis, Gator and Safety Dave.

Where to get reverse camera installed?

Many auto electricians offer a range of reversing cameras that can be installed professionally for your type of vehicle. A benefit of choosing a professional installation is that auto electricians know the internal systems and wiring of vehicles very well. For this reason, we can ensure that the camera integrates flawlessly with other electronics in your vehicle.

The first step is for you to choose the type of camera you prefer. Our team can then install the camera for you. Depending on your camera choice and vehicle type, this usually takes between two and four hours. The exact timeframe depends on if we are installing to the vehicle and caravan setup.

Reverse camera installation cost

Depending on the quality of the reverse camera kit you choose and the type of your vehicle, a car reverse camera installation starts from $299.

ProSpark also installs reverse cameras for trailers, trucks, and caravans. Contact our team for a more specific quote for these types of cameras.

Dash cam installation

Another very common camera addition to vehicles are dash cams. A dash camera is a great tool if you need a reliable footage source in case of any road incidents.

Similar to reverse cameras, dash cams come in various types. Single lens dash cams are the simplest solution. Mounted to your dashboard, they provide front-facing footage of your trips and are a relatively affordable option.

If you would like to cover more angles such as your rear and side views, you may require a multiple lens camera. This can include a front and rear dash cam or, if you offer ride sharing services, a camera inside of your car.

A very popular type of dash cam is the Uniden IGO Black Box. Prices for this type of camera start from $249 including installation. The install usually takes our team between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours.

Reverse camera installation Gold Coast

Our ProSpark team can assist you when it comes to choosing the right reversing camera for your type of vehicle. We take care of a professional install for you. If you have any questions or would like our advice on suitable reverse camera and dash camera installations, give our friendly team a call on 07 5620 4999. Alternatively, you can contact us online via website enquiry 24/7.




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