Air Conditioning Regas & Repairs

air conditioning

The air conditioning is one of the most important features in your vehicle to keep you comfortable even on a hot day. It also assists with demisting of the windscreen when it fogs up. But what happens when your aircon doesn’t blow as cold as it used to or if it doesn’t work at all?

Automotive Lighting

automotive lighting lightbar

The lighting setup for your vehicle is one of the key factors when it comes to clear view on the roads. There are many ways to add, modify, or complement your lights. Our team has put together the most common lighting options and how much the different lighting setups cost when we install them for

Reverse Camera Installation & Dash Cams

reverse camera installation

Do you remember the days when you had to stretch, twist, turn, and worry when trying to manage reversing your car using the rear-view mirrors? Nowadays, this seems to be much easier as most new vehicles come with a reversing camera and monitor. Reversing cameras are a helpful tool to enable us to check blind

Fuel Injection Diagnostics

fuel injector

When it comes to vehicles, fuel injection is the process of injecting fuel via an injector into an automotive engine. There are several systems with differences in functionality and injection types. Our team has explained what you need to know about a fuel injection system and fuel injection diagnostics. Get an understanding of how it

Starter & Alternator Replacement & Diagnosis

Starter & Alternator Replacement & Diagnosis

Most of us rely heavily on a functioning vehicle. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into your car and it does not start. Several parts of your vehicle work together when you power it up and if one of them fails, you may end up with this problem. Most likely the reason for the

Cruise Control Installation

cruise control installation

Are you regularly driving longer distances on the highway? If you answer this question with a yes, you might have considered cruise control before. Cruise control is a technical feature that allows you to use buttons on your steering wheel to set a certain speed. Your vehicle then automatically maintains that speed, and you can

Car Alarm System Installation

car alarm system installation

If you love your car as much as we do, you are probably also worried about its security. Car alarm systems are a common aftermarket upgrade to keep your vehicle and belongings more secure. These systems protect your car but can also be installed for trucks, caravans or even boats. The key function is to

Engine Diagnostics

engine diagnostics

It can be a dreadful feeling when the engine light comes on or your car doesn’t sound as it usually would. Nowadays, most modern cars come with a series of technologically controlled features such as automatic transmission, ignition systems, and electronic fuel injection systems (EFIs). Computers (ECU) control all of these features and send data