Automotive Lighting

automotive lighting lightbar

The lighting setup for your vehicle is one of the key factors when it comes to clear view on the roads. There are many ways to add, modify, or complement your lights. Our team has put together the most common lighting options and how much the different lighting setups cost when we install them for

4WD Upgrades

4wd upgrades off-road

Owning a 4×4 gives you access to a new set of opportunities, especially when it comes to 4WD performance upgrades. There is a wide range of modifications and accessories that you may consider for your vehicle. Our team has put together a list of accessories and 4WD upgrade packages and explained how you can get

4WD Dual Battery Setup

4wd dual battery

A dual battery system has long become a must accessory if you are planning off-road for a 4×4 camping trip. It is one of the first things our clients usually look at when upgrading their new dual cab 4WDs. The 4×4 dual battery setup serves as source for auxiliary power and ensures that both your

Tow Bar Installation

tow bar installation

If you want to use your vehicle to transport larger loads, boats, jet skis, bikes, trailers, or caravans, a tow bar is the key feature you require. Tow bar installations are a very common aftermarket upgrade. Our team has explained everything you need to know before getting a tow bar fitted. Tow bar fitting In

Roof Consoles

roof consoles

Have you ever searched your whole car for your sunglasses? Many of us have – and that is one of many reasons why roof consoles enjoy increasing popularity amongst Australians. An overhead roof console can be the home for your UHF radio, sunglasses, garage remote and other items. Many consoles even come with storage drawers

Ute Canopy Camping Setup

ute canopy camping setup

Who doesn’t dream of leaving the world behind sometimes and having everything you need in your vehicle? To have the freedom to take off at any time to hit the road and go on an adventure? We definitely do. For this reason, our team is passionate about fitting out your ute with a camping canopy