Electric Brake Controller Installation

electric brake controller installation

Trailers and caravans are great additions to your vehicle if you want to be independent and travel around. However, when towing more than 751kg, you will find that you require an electric brake controller. Most trailers and caravans usually come with electric brakes and own braking system, but you will need a controller to activate

Aftermarket ECU Upgrades

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Aftermarket ECU and software upgrades are a popular performance upgrade choice for higher engine output and engine upgrades. We get a lot of questions from our customers about what the best aftermarket ECU is. Our team has explained for you what to consider when choosing your ECU upgrade. Aftermarket upgrades The feeling of building a

Engine Diagnostics

engine diagnostics

It can be a dreadful feeling when the engine light comes on or your car doesn’t sound as it usually would. Nowadays, most modern cars come with a series of technologically controlled features such as automatic transmission, ignition systems, and electronic fuel injection systems (EFIs). Computers (ECU) control all of these features and send data