4×4 Hinterland Adventures – Condamine River 4WD Track

After a few trips to the coastal area around Brisbane, a remote escape into the Gold Coast and Brisbane hinterland seemed to be the next step.
We were lucky enough to score a Goliath G-47 camper trailer for a long weekend. The perfect setup as it is suitable for off-road driving. We were planning to really put it to the test.
Instead of having to plan our trip and overnight stays, we just decided to wing it. So now, winging things is a skill in itself. Especially, when you are not a well-experienced camper and you try to wing going on a camping trip.

But well, we left the coast and decided that Stanthorpe would be our destination. We stopped multiple times along the way at the Ipswich Racetrack and lookouts to take some drone footage. There also was a camel farm along the way which I am sure could serve as another possible stop.

4wd adventure

Lake Moogerah

Realising a little too late that we would probably need some food and water for the next two days, we searched Google maps for the next grocery store. That then led us to the IGA in Boonah. It’s a nice sleepy town with only one main road. The IGA is great but doesn’t sell fry pans. Just in case that you were wondering. There is a homeware store but unfortunately that one closes early on Saturdays. Most kitchens of local pubs and takeaway shops are closed between 2.30pm and 5.30pm but thankfully the IGA also sells Sushi.

It was getting late, so we had to change plans and decided to head to Lake Moogerah instead. The Lake Moogerah Caravan Park is a beautiful grassy area right on the lake. Unfortunately, all camp sites were taken, and we had to find an alternative option.

On the other side of the lake, we found a powered site at Camp Moogerah which would be our spot for the first overnight stay.

The barbecue facilities saved us as we still hadn’t figured out a solution for the fry pan dilemma. The campsite also featured a large firepit and seating area located right next to the barbecue area.

watercrossing condamine river

The Condamine River 4WD Track

After doing some research in the evening, we came across the Condamine River 4WD Track close to Killarney with 14 water crossings. That sounded exactly like the scenic 4WD adventure that we were looking for.

We started the trip from Camp Moogerah in Moogerah and headed south-south-west, just kidding, we followed the Google maps signal until we lost it in the direction of The Head, the start of the Condamine River 4WD track.
Now, the track is a loop, but it is not that easy to figure out where to go without GPS. If you are driving there from Boonah:

  • Follow Boonah Rathdowney Rd/State Route 93 for 14.1km
  • Right turn onto Carneys Creek Rd for 14.6km
  • Turn right onto Head Rd 12.0km
  • Continue straight onto Spring Creek Rd 5.6km
  • Turn right (it is more like keep going straight onto the sandy track called Condamine River Road

It goes slightly downhill onto the dirt track, and you will be able to see a big sign on your right on the paddock that says “The Head” about 65m into the track.

The road is windy and the scenery constantly changing. It’s a great opportunity to take some hyperlapse videos of your 4wd adventure and the first part of the roads to get to the 14 crossings track is very easy to drive. You can watch ours further down in the post.

From then on, it is 20km of narrow dirt road. Some of the water crossings were shallow and easy to manage, others were actual creek crossings. At our time of travel (August 2021), the water level was relatively low and all crossings were easy to master even with the camper trailer. However, you could tell that it would be tricky as soon as the water levels rise. Definitely check if the track is open before heading down that way, as the road is closed due to flooding frequently.

Waterfalls and Lookouts

The second part of the loop is part of the normal roads but still has some scenic places to stop such as the Browns Falls, the Daggs Falls, the Queen Mary Falls and the Carrs Lookout.
The hike to the Browns Falls required a fair amount of climbing up and down the rocks and crossing the creek multiple times but definitely worth it. It is a 30-minute return trip, but you have the chance to swim at the falls if you don’t mind the cold water.

From there, we looked for a different place to stay for the night. As there wasn’t much around in the area, we chose to stay at Lake Maroon. The Lake Maroon campground is also located right next to the lake (for the unpowered sites). The powered sites are further up the hill.All campers have a permit to drive right up to the lake which makes it super handy for jet skiing or water sport adventures. We enjoyed the sunset sitting on the roof of the camper trailer and then headed back to our site.

Get 4WD Adventure Ready

Being able to use the camper trailer with its hot shower, kitchen and comfortable bed was a great way of making the camping experience a luxurious one.

For any camper trailer enquiries, please head to Goliath Campers. Our team from ProSpark Electrical can assist you with all necessary features to get ready for your camping adventure.

No matter whether you require tow bar and brake controller installs or want a full canopy setup, contact our team on 07 5620 4999 or via website enquiry today to get adventure-ready.

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