N80/N70 Hilux Behind-Seat Lithium Dual Battery System

$4,895.00 inc. GST

Toyota Hilux N70/N80 Behind-Seat Lithium System is equipped with a comprehensive array of outlets including USB ports, cigarette lighter sockets, and Anderson plugs, this system provides versatile charging options for all your electronic devices and camping essentials.


This Package includes the Installation into your N70/N80 Hilux at our Burleigh Heads Workshop.

The Mighty N80/N70 Toyota Hilux Behind-Seat Lithium Dual Battery System designed for the modern adventurer. This system revolutionizes your off-road experience and ensures you’re never left in the dark or without power when you need it most.

Engineered specifically for the N80/N70 Toyota Hilux, this dual battery system seamlessly integrates behind the seat, maximizing space efficiency without sacrificing performance. Its compact design not only saves valuable cargo space but also maintains the sleek aesthetics of your vehicle.

At the heart of this system lies cutting-edge lithium battery technology, offering unparalleled power density, rapid charging capabilities, and an extended lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Say goodbye to bulky, heavy battery setups and hello to lightweight power that packs a punch.




Additional lighting, Inverters, DCDC Upgrades, Solar panels and extra Sockets are available on request.


All systems Installed by ProSpark are to the highest standard, using high quality materials and come with a 10-year warranty on our wiring installation.



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